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home when I needed to pee, I told Steve that in a sweater, because I could not I had back all the way. This is a small park near where we live, so they pulled the car is not one of the men and women bathing in it, so I got out and ran toward women. Steve continued as it was dark, the ladies were in a terrible state, he said, because men there is no real difference, I realized thatnt and squatted on the moor. Steve waited outside the cabinet and then I heard a few meters pandamovies down to the bathroom is. Steve said hurry up and get ready for someone. I had to pee, even if I say a few votes, pandamovies I'm upset, listening, but we found the engine and thought it was broken or something. There were the two guys in the bar. I had caught what I did and had used a handkerchief to wipe me, if this man was nobody in the cabin, did not move fast enough for my dress and he could see me there with my dress pandamovies over my waist and panties means fully exposed. The man first walked on me and I could not believe it, but Steve stood aside and let him. He was directly in front of me and slid the closet door closed behind us. His right hand touched my leg, and he ran over my socks and panties pulled me aside so he could feel my wet pussy.. He leaned over and kissed her tongue was in my mouthand I sucked. wonferful His hand was there things in my pussy and I blurted out that I could not stand much longer, he called his friend, left out of the car, I pu8shed through
Quotes the door and took my arm and led me along the way to cars. The dress was up around my waist and my panties down so my pubic hair was exposed, pushing the second man on the way, my dress had my breasts were bare. Steve was fascinated by all this, but I was pandamovies too far pandamovies away to worry about. took me to his car and opened the back door. I was placed in the back seat in my hands and knees, was the guy that I really liked was behind me and one to the other side and opened the door. He bent down and started looking, I replied, while the number one guy stroking his back legs and pussy kissing. opened his pants and told me to put his cock in my pussy, I turned and stroked his erection against the goal of my hole. I felt in andBegin to slowly fuck me, and then the other stopped kissing me and opened before showing his penis in my face, I opened my mouth and sucked the tip of the tail. I glanced and saw Steve masturbate his cock in his hand. It could also be a reflection in the window of the car door with my knees up around my waist Drees, pulling down her panties and the tops of exposed population, whereas a stranger grabbed me. I could feel the guy is a fast number and get to the last. I took his ejaculate in the mouth like the other guy in my pussy I came almost simultaneously with a shattering orgasm. We have cleaned and exchanged numbers, etc I've never met the guys again, but still a little more experience to share, if interested. Shirley.


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My husband and I often read these things on your website does not mean we want to go dogging but mostly because we switched to you by us described the encounters. My husband Steve has an increasingly interest in sex for a while, we're both in their early fifties, and prefers watching sports on TV as I see that I left, as I have always had a good appetite I have a little pandamovies frustrated with sex and although I'm not as young as I saw no reason to stop now. This weekend is our 28th wedding anniverary, so I booked dinner at a nice pub, which we have been going on for a while. Steve said he would go, so I could have a few drinks and not worry about driving home. The dinner was great and had pandamovies a few glasses of wine and had noticed thoughout the afternoon, two guys who were there, just with a look appreciateive me when I saw his way, especially when I crossed legs crossed or etc had no problem with that as lIke told me my age I can please younger men, to see what they try. is the time to leave, so we were a paid and left the car, the two men near the door <u>pandamovies</u> of one of them got up and said good night and gave me a good view up and down. I looked back, as we got in the car and this is closer to the door, so I could see my pandamovies phone in the car, I'm in the passenger side and straddled my dress as mid-thigh, and I saw watching a man try and drag down, but had a good look at the top of my socks before I fixed it managed. We were almost